WP1 Project Management


The goal of WP1 is to implement and maintain effective project management. This includes supervision and co-ordination of each individual partner’s work, and management of the decision structure that will ensure that the project activities adhere to the highest ethical, scientific and professional standards. Further essential objectives are interaction with the EU Commission, management of project resources and all other responsibilities required for a successful project, including resolution of potential conflicts. Details of management techniques and structures to be used in WP1 are reported in Part B of the Technical Annex, Section 2.1.


This WP will cover all the topics related to organization, co-ordination and financial management of FUTURA.
Specific organization tasks include:

  • to establish the management organization, i.e. Project Manager, Board of Partners, Work Package Leaders, Project Exploitation Committee;
  • to define project policies and procedures, on the basis of the Consortium Agreement;
  • to organize and prepare plenary internal meetings and the foreseen review meetings;
  • to establish and maintain relationships and exchange of information with other EU projects with close purposes.

Co-ordination activities will be mainly devoted to:

  • ensure a good communication flow among the Partners, by controlling and transmitting any document and information related to the project to and among partners. Basing on EU Commission requirements, templates and information of Partners will be further provided;
  • create an Exploitation Agreement taking into account management of knowledge and IP Rights; the involvement of SMEs will be continuously fostered;
  • manage the work activities and, if needed, re-schedule them, by also establishing and verifying procedures for internal progress monitoring and self-evaluation methods. This activity will be conducted in collaboration with WP Leaders, which are responsible for scientific management in RTD WPs;
  • manage the project risks.

Financial management will be obtained through:

  • coordination and control of annual cost claims and certificates on financial statements (if necessary) submitted by all project partners;
  • follow-up of EU Commission payments;
  • distribution of partner shares;
  • monitoring of payments and financial controlling.

SSSA is the leader of this WP and will manage most of the work. Notwithstanding, all the partners will be involved through the preparation of contributions (if requested), management of project meetings in their country/region, organize possible researcher exchange programs between the institutions of the Consortium.