FUTURA2020 stems from the idea to consolidate the FUTURA technologies in terms of technological assessment, pre-clinical validation and system certification, with the final aim to reach a level of maturity adequate for future acceptance of a novel robotic platform for Focused Ultrasound Surgery (FUS) in clinics.


  • Objective 1: in vivo assessment of the technology in porcine model.
  • Objective 2: set–up of the regulatory framework (ISO13485) towards the final approval of the CE mark, and then by the FDA.
  • Objective 3: refinement and delivery of a business plan and the definition of a concrete exploitation path for distribution to large industrial players and to venture capitalists and stakeholders.


FUTURA (Focused Ultrasound Therapy Using Robotic Approaches) aims at creating an innovative multi-robotic platform for non-invasive interventions. The project addresses all specific issues necessary for a concrete and effective transfer of robotic technologies into operating rooms. The robotic platform is expected to operate in an unstructured and extremely critical environment; perception capabilities and understanding will be augmented by merging external sensors and internal control strategies. FUTURA will address explicitly robot co-operation and collaboration, and robot interaction both with medical doctors and patients.


Focused Ultrasound Surgery (FUS) is the ideal benchmark for FUTURA. While its medical effectiveness has been already demonstrated, limitations in accuracy, precision, repeatability and a strong reliance on medical skills hamper its spread diffusion into routine clinical applications. FUTURA will address all these issues by integrating cognitive processes in the operational workflow, flexible and safe instruments and techniques for therapy planning, delivery and monitoring.


In this framework, FUTURA efforts will contribute to maintain the EU leadership in high-impact and high-level research. Expected results aim at setting in constantly growing market niches, such as robotic surgery, ultrasound ablators and image guided therapy.