WP10 Exploitation and Dissemination


This WP includes two complementary and parallel lines of action.
Exploitation embraces all the activities aimed at establishing the conditions under which FUTURA partners will participate, in combination and separately, in the exploitation of the project results. In particular, an exploitation plan will be developed and implemented to promote the use of the FUTURA platform and to commercially exploit any derivative devices that may be outcomes from the project. An Exploitation Agreement will be issued for the management of knowledge and IP Rights, exploitation rights, special use conditions and relations with third parties. Furthermore the EU rules on the protection of IP rights will be followed whenever necessary. Dissemination includes the activities aimed at widely informing all the many stakeholders and communities about the FUTURA approach and results, as a condition for their adoption and exploitation in different contexts. FUTURA partners will disseminate the results and conclusions of the study to the relevant community through a combination of publication of papers on ISI journals, and participation on international conferences and workshops, and through the project website. All the partners are engaged in dissemination activities, in one way or another, in particular the academic partners to spread the scientific, medical and technological results.



T10.1 Exploitation - In the frame of this Task, not only the technology service providers will put their significant own efforts into the exploitation, but also the know-how providers and user partners will aim at exploiting the project successfully. Based on the know-how from various market researches, the Consortium will have an extensive knowledge on how to efficiently apply the results to the benefit of the wider European Community.
The FUTURA Consortium will follow a stepwise approach in exploiting the project results, consisting in:

  • Successful development and assessment of the different derivative devices.
  • Business plan development by each industrial partner.

The FUTURA partners have identified the further exploitation of the project results as an integrated part of their optimization activities and have the strong will to disseminate the outcome results to the best of any interested party in the European Community.

T10.2 Dissemination .- Dissemination material and generic communication channels are indeed necessary to transfer knowledge elements and to share the scientific and technical developments, results and experiences within Europe and, in general, worldwide. Within this aim the dissemination of knowledge will be addressed not only at scientific level but also at industrial and public arenas and also industrial partner will promote the outcomes of the project and disseminate some of the cutting edge technologies developed by conducting a number of workshops with hands on sessions.
A dissemination plan reporting the dissemination activity will be developed and maintained throughout the project duration. The plan will include different levels of dissemination and training, main focused in the following activities:
A. Public dissemination (website);
B. Connection with international networks;
C. Scientific community dissemination (ISI papers and International Conferences);
D. Exhibitions.