Work Programme


The Figure below shows the breakdown structure of FUTURA, divided into Work Packages (WPs) and Tasks, which are strictly related and inter-dependent for reaching the final objective of the proposal. FUTURA is organized into 10 WPs, each one supervised by a WP Leader and generally divided into Tasks, to better organize the work and monitor its progress.


                                                            Work breakdown structure of the project


Based on the outlined strategy, the FUTURA workplan has been organized in:

  • WP 1: Project management
  • WP 2: Surgical Method & System Architecture
  • WP 3: Robotic manipulators in unstructured space
  • WP 4: Therapy Planning
  • WP 5: 3D-US therapy delivery and monitoring
  • WP 6: Machine Learning
  • WP 7: Interfaces development
  • WP 8: System Integration and Benchmarking
  • WP 9: Medical Validation, Pre-Clinical & Clinical Studies
  • WP 10: Exploitation and Dissemination